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Jun. 24th, 2010

Early morning sea wall walk

Friday and I enjoyed a very early morning walk along the sea wall. He enjoys it more when it is a little cooler. I went to photograph these lovely wildflowers but I'm sorry to say I don't know what they are.

Unfortunately we couldn't get along the sea wall back along our usual route as there were animals on the seawall and in the field leading to the spinney so we turned round and got a lovely view of the new windfarm across the water.

May. 30th, 2010

In a Parallel Universe

I travelled down to Devon with a group of golfers thinking I would be spending hours reading while they played. Imagine my delight to find so many other activities for non-golfers at the complex.

I spent a morning browsing secondhand bookshops and buying some lovely Devon made cards, a notebook and a scented candle in a cup, as well as scooping a copy of
G. Bramwell Even's 'Out With Romany by Meadow and Stream' .

Then I joined a group going out for a walk by Meldon Reservoir and out onto the moor past grazing sheep, discarded quarry stones and beautiful streams running down the tor.

I visited the gardens at RHS Rosemoor which were stunning and full of inspiration.

I also managed to have a really lovely ride out on the moors on a grey mare called Gypsy with another couple of riders and we were entertained by the most entrancing wild native foal who squeeled when he saw us and cantered alongside - we all wanted to take him home with us. The stables were on a hillside alongside a disused tine mine so evocative of this part of the world.

As well as lots of other sports I also managed to have a go at archery and as I managed a fluke bullseye to become best in class it may have to become my new hobby. The chances of me ever repeating such a brilliant performance is slim but hey!
Devon is officially one of my most favourite Counties in England and I never tire of visiting.

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May. 19th, 2010

A May Morning Walk with Friday

An amazing dawn chorus had me up and out early this morning. Friday and I set off down the lane following a cuckoo whose calling seemed to be answered from the woods ahead.

We were met on the path alongside the field of wheat by a very handsome young fox cub just on is way home and we exchanged a brief glance at each other.

The grass is now getting quite long and at this time of the morning was wet enough to soak my trouser legs but not so as to be uncomfortable.

Alexanders and Queen Anne's Lace were in abundance down Shop Lane and we were greeted with some magnificent crowing by Peter Mann's cockerels. A quick wave and hello at Fishponds stable and we were back into the fields for our journey home.

There was only one voice which could top the dawn chorus and we were treated to the song of a nightingale as we passed a thick part of the spinney. Then all too soon we were back in the Lane and into the garden where the birds were still singing but were much more busy with their day as I would be too.

May. 11th, 2010

Bicycles and Bars

A bright, slightly chilly Spring day - perfect for a bike ride.

So it was off to West Mersea and down to the waterside for lunch at The Oyster Bar.

After a lunch of crab chowder and an interesting philosophical chat there was just time to visit a new sand-cast aluminium sculpture by Jonathan Clarke called 'Ribs' .

Then it was time to head for home and to catch someone with the same idea - I wonder how his photo of the glorious but strongly scented rape came out.

There was a strange optical illusion as I neared my house (you will have to click on the photo to see) when it looked as if the new wind farm had been built right next to the church but it is in reality many miles out to sea.

Just before going indoors for a lovely cup of tea I had a quick peek at the hives in the field in front of my house - the tiny little dot on the photo is not a smudge but a precious little honey bee. I hope the colder weather they have forecast won't harm them.

A lovely Mersea day. I hope your day was as pleasant.

May. 10th, 2010

On being addressed

My local Church, St Edmund King & Martyr, has a very special feel to it. A simple church but beautifully light and airy which makes it very peaceful and welcoming. This is the pulpit (not in use) which has a hole in the side so that whoever was delivering the sermon could be prodded when the congregation felt they had gone on long enough. Together with the remains of an hourglass stand I would imagine those in charge would be left in no doubt of the views of their parishioners on being addressed.

This Sunday was a celebration of Rogation, which my dictionary tells me is: 'a solemn supplication consisting of the litany of the saints chanted on the three days before Ascension'.
In our case it was a homegrown service led by what was described as 'the dream team' (that is those lay members who are brave enough to take the service and give the address). As we all began to process out of the Church to a nearby field, one of the Choir members, Heather, told us all how she had been lucky enough to get one of the new allotments in West Mersea. She said had always longed for an allotment and that, Sam, our Vicar was going to bless them that afternoon and so it would be nice if we also kept the success of the crops being planted  in our prayers.
There was much chatter and laughter as we processed out of the Church and waited for the stragglers before praying for farmers and their crops. Back into Church and the service continued with Andrew giving the address and wondering if he might be turning the dream team into a nightmare but, no, he gave his very interesting view on the readings..  I was particularly struck by his comment on how we are all too often guilty of the sin of omission sometimes because we just don't want to rouse ourselves........ooops..........that one struck a nerve!

May. 3rd, 2010

The unbearable beauty of tulips

I only have a small number of tulips and I let them stay in the garden as long as they want, adding to their number on ly occasionally but their beauty is always breathtaking at whatever stage of growth they have reached and however few decide to bloom again.

May. 1st, 2010


Faerie Finder had this lovely clip sent to her and I agree with her that it is magical and sums up a perfect day indeed.

Apr. 22nd, 2010


My journalling buddy gnapp talked to me in a pm about taking in all that is renewing itself around us. Wandering around the garden this morning I thought of all the laughing and talking and eating happiness these emerging beauties will bring - enjoy! Oh and if you can it would be a good thing to plant an edible cherry tree and maybe help to help stop their demise.


Apr. 19th, 2010

Such sweet refrain

Weak April sunshine and yet there is still a lingering melancholy - it will slowly shift.

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Mar. 27th, 2010

March Musings

::a broken piece of a bottle transformed into seaglass by the action of sea and sand::

::the silhouette of a bird of prey circling the grey skies above::

::bright hellos and time to stop and pass the time of day::

::sharing seeds with Sarah::

::the sound of my bicycle wheels after a winter of quiet::

::the first tentative cutting of freshly emerging chives::

::a tuft of sheep's wool caught on a briar::

::sweet singing in the dawn chorus choir::

::the promise of pastel coated chocolate eggs to come::

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