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The Cinema is not your Sitting Room

Unusually for me I am going to have a bit of a rant. It is about how awful it is visiting the cinema. I don't like the small screens which we now have so I'm already off to a bad start. Combine that with the cost of a ticket and, I know, it is a recipe for a moan.

The fact that people want to eat the disgusting stuff the cinema's pass off for food is bad enough but that some of it comes in noisy wrappings tucked into throughout the film and that most of it is spilled and left all over the cinema floor is more cause for angst.

Is the cinema a sitting room where you spread out your coats, bags etc all into the space of the poor person sitting next to you? Taking off your boots because you feel more comfortable - well ok. Talking before film starts - well ok.

Talking as the film has begun and spoiling the atmosphere that is trying to be built up on the screen - well not ok actually.

Keeping your mobile phone on so you can see what you are doing - no not ok.

Talking throughout the film - no not ok. Several people giving a blow by blow commentary whilst the film is showing - please!

Shouting out what you think of as humorous asides - mind bogglingly annoying.

Doing all the above when you are clearly middle-aged is twice as worrying.

Then again perhaps I could try looking at it as part of cinema going's rich experience both on and around the 'not quite' big screen. It's just life - but not as we'd like to know it;-)


"I much prefer my own popcornless living room for movies these days"