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Hunter Gathering

Having made myself a knitted market bag I couldn't wait to use it so I set off this morning to do some hunter/gathering (sorry shopping) down in West Mersea.

My first stop was at R & A Cycles where Paul kindly replaced the valve on my back tyre and pumped it up and I left with a promise that he would collect the lovely Princess later in the week for a proper service and probably a new set of tyres.

Next to The Cake Hole where I bought a loaf of walnut bread, some olives, a slice of lemon and poppyseed cake and a cup of take out coffee. Holding the coffee very carefully I stowed the rest of the goodies in my new bag and made off for the The Oyster Bar where I bought some cockles and fish pate. Then I bagged a bench and enjoyed my coffee and cake while watching the crabbers on the jetty and lots of activity on the very busy waterfront.

Feeling very full of fresh air and cake I cycled home to enjoy a lunch of the spoils of my shopping. Much nicer than a trip to the supermarket.