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Messing About In Boats

We're in the middle of Regatta week here on Mersea and this is a picture of a race I captured with my mobile when out walking with Friday. The boats were storming along and it was clear that everyone was taking their competition seriously. All sorts of boats are out on the water this week and the culmination will be on Saturday when there will be fun at the fair, music, prize-giving and a spectacular firework finale.

Talking of music I ventured down to The Coast Inn on Juliet's recommendation here on her very useful and informative new site which lists musical events on and around the island. We enjoyed lots of sea related songs as well as some lively jigs and other musical delights. It was a great way to celebrate life on an island and its symbiosis with the sea.

Lots of high tides this week and a new moon which means beautiful star filled night skies - a delight of living somewhere not affected by light pollution.



Thanks so much for coming down to Shanty Night - just sorry that the riotous atmosphere wasn't really conducive to a quiet chat!