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Something special

I thought you might like to see a very beautiful crib which was made for our church by a local carpenter in our village who lives in a farmhouse which was recorded in the Doomsday Book. The robin and the swallow are there to represent two of our past Rectors, Robin Elphick and John Swallow. The only thing I couldn't photograph was a barn owl which is right up in the roof rafters and was too difficult to capture. If you click on a picture you can see the marks made by the tools the carpenter has used which must have been very fine. The figures are about 15cm high. Enjoy.



How impressive and how beautiful. What a talented carpenter he must be.
What a fabulous crib! - such detail and imaginative workmanship. Thanks so much for posting these pics. I noticed them just as I was Musing upon a fictional woodcarver's Christmas crib, so I added a link to this post in mine. Hope lots of people visit and enjoy.